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Why outsource your Sales Lead Generation Activities?

Does your business need a regular flow of qualified sales leads? If so, we can help. Ultimate Legendary Digital has been generating highly qualified sales leads for businesses of all types for more than a decade.

During this time, we have helped companies in many industries including Real Estate, Healthcare, Wealth Management, Education, Software (& SAAS), Industrial Services, Branding & Media Agencies and Business Services.

We have both the experience and track record to help businesses in all industries generate highly qualified sales leads.


More about our Lead Generation Services

As a Diamond HubSpot Agency Partner and a top-tiered Google Partner, Ultimate Legendary Digital prides itself on providing best-in-class lead generation services backed by some of the largest technology partners in the world.

We specialize in providing B2B lead generation using digital marketing campaigns, lead qualification tools and sales lead qualification via our partners at Pipeline Business Development Solutions, a company that Ultimate Legendary Digital is proud to be a shareholder.

Our Lead Generation goals are centred around taking a client's prospects (or leads) as close as possible to a closed deal.

This diagram highlights our approach:

Our Lead Generation processes have been optimized throughout our 5-year track record. In short, we can look at any industry, apply our know-how and experience and suggest the best possible lead generation strategy for our clients.

As mentioned above, we have vast experience with multiple industries and business sectors and would be happy to provide references and case studies for you.

Lead generation is based on attracting potential clients to your business. To do this, various marketing activities are carried out. Leads are secured when there is a valuable exchange of information between your business and them. From this stage, we work on nurturing this relationship to ensure conversion and brand loyalty stems from it.

Lead generation works best when both marketing and sales are aligned and working together. Ultimate Legendary Digital places emphasis on providing clients with sales qualified leads or contacts who have expressed their interest in becoming a customer. This is a valuable resource for businesses to have. Sales are highly possible with these clients, who require assistance in guiding them along their buyer journey.

Ultimate Legendary Digital helps businesses to capture leads and use lead magnets. These are valuable offers that are available to prospects at various stages of their customer journey. Examples of this include content, email and social media marketing, as well as advertising (and retargeting), trials and referrals.

For effective sales lead generation, you need to attract, engage and convert prospects. The purpose of these magnets is to attract and capture the contact details (with lead forms), thus starting the process of direct engagement between the business and customer.

The leads generated for sales purposes are qualified based on their match to the ideal customer persona, your business's ability to satisfy a need of theirs and securing access to these decision-makers.

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