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Human Resource Management Software

The Human Resource management is among the sophisticated principles of ULegendary Digital employment processes. Our Human Resource Management System in UAE provides endless features to align your HR department in the best interests of your team and your business. It provides assistance in complying with the global standards of the HR management and enables in assembling a sound HR department for your organization.

We are not just an ordinary web development or web designing company. Instead, we offer a complete business supporting environment with every solution that a business would need. The Human Resource Management Software is one of the key projects that we had been working on. The expertise of our team is reflected in every bit of this software. And you would surely enjoy using this software. It is neither complex nor hollow. Certainly, it incorporates the HR features, fast speed and highly intuitive interface. You do not require a comprehensive training before using this software. Your basic HR and computer skills are fine enough to make this software. Well, we understand everything that a business would require from its HR department. And nevertheless, we rank among the best HR Software Companies in UAE.

HR Management System in UAE

Well, the HR Management Software in UAE is not just designed for corporate enterprises or the medium-sized business. It is for every business type and size. This software fits the single owner restaurant and a might seven-star hotel equally. Employee shift management, employee information registers, bonuses, advantages and every other HR operation is covered in the Human Resource Management Software.

HR Management Solutions Module Key Features

  • Employee general information, photo, note attachment files, medical information, tax information, monthly timesheet, payroll reports (based on the tax information and time sheet), and medical insurance and emergency contacts
  • Employee benefits form helps you record all medical and detail insurance programs that your company have for your employees.
  • Create HR payroll report, phone list, employee list, department list reports, and you can add your own report later based on your need.
  • Employee vacation and sick leave management
  • Employee job history information management
  • Employee certification and awards management
  • Employee performance evaluations information management
  • Employee equipment tracking
  • Employee resume and training records management
  • You can output your employee data and payroll data to Microsoft® Excel® file and PDF file as well.
  • The database records all employee information and you can review it by name list, phone list, or department lists.
  • Create Employee Performance Review Forms and employee EEO Forms and keep these form records at document management system.
  • Benefits information management
  • Grievance history information (e.g.complaints, dispute etc.) management
  • Generate organization chart by using MS Visio and drag to employees management form

  • Job opening Information, job functions, requirements and skills information and staffing status
  • Department job opening list management
  • Printing job opening information

  • Recording all applicants records and contact information
  • Applicant status management
  • Applicants interview setup
  • Create Employee Application Form and Employee Record Audit Form for all applicants and keep those document records on document management system.

  • Workforce Scheduling
  • Time Tracking
  • Absence Management

  • List all training program that company has.
  • Training class information description and registration information
  • Printing training class information sheet
  • Records all the employees’s training records.

  • Learning Course Administration
  • Professional Certification Management

  • Benefit plan list and provider information management
  • Benefit plan for each employee
  • Benefit cost information management

  • Company business documents management
  • Company legal documents management
  • Company holiday schedule management
  • Company wise health and dental care insurance benefits information

  • Managing all employees and applicants documents by their name or document types
  • All documents can be convert to PDF format and print out
  • All documents data can be export to Excel or PDF format for other applications

  • Project information sheet
  • Project tasks list management
  • Project tasks Gantt chart
  • Project team members information management

  • Employee termination process check list
  • Generate employee termination process notification
  • Employee status change information management

  • Compliance Management
  • Security
  • User Support
  • Maintenance

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