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Account Based Marketing

Why use of Ultimate Legendary Digital?

Real account-based marketing requires experts across a range of fields: ABM strategy, digital asset creation, B2B digital channels, tech stack integration, and data visualization. If your marketing operations are lacking in any of those areas, our Ultimate Legendary Digital can help fulfill the promise of account-based marketing success.


What We Mean By “Real” Account-Based Marketing

There’s account-based marketing, then there’s real account-based marketing. General ABM aligns your sales and marketing goals, teams, and resources to engage accounts, build quality relationships, and nurture the buying committees into the decision stage. Real ABM goes further. On average, a B2B customer will regularly use six different interaction channels throughout the buying journey—and there are typically six to 10 decision-makers within the buying committee. So how can you ensure you’re identifying the right people and serving them applicable information and messaging at the correct stage of the funnel? In turn, how do you then drive more revenue and create sustainable omnichannel ABM initiatives?

What You Need to Execute “Real” ABM

1. Complete Technology Stack

We are agnostic when it comes to which programs we work with within a tech stack, but to do real ABM and visualize the full buyer’s journey timeline, you need:

Company Match Software: While company match tools are common, they quickly become irrelevant if they can’t be integrated with Google Analytics for a full omnichannel marketing review of every interaction and channel. You need to be able to see data points from across the web in real-time and cipher out actionable information. Without company match software, also known as the most critical piece of real account-based marketing, you can’t move forward with a thorough understanding of— and confidence in—your outreach.

Content Management System (CMS): A content management system is the most efficient way to create, edit, and publish B2B content. We can integrate WordPress, Magento, PHP, .Net, or any other CMS platform with your existing website.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The backbone of account-based marketing is its focus on connecting and engaging with a target audience—whether it’s a past, current, or prospective customer. Popular tools include Salesforce, Netsuite, and Dynamics—we can work with any and all CRM platforms.

Marketing Automation: Three words—streamline, automate, and measure. Marketing automation tools and technologies work to automate more repetitive (but necessary) tasks within an ABM campaign. Whether you choose Marketo, Act-On, Hubspot, or another marketing automation platform, we’ll be able to seamlessly integrate with your existing solution.

Data Visualization: Informed decisions require full data visualization. Bringing data from across your organization into one platform, tools like Domo feed your team real-time information and metrics and an unlimited capacity to slice and organize data

2. Ability to Run Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

Real ABM is run across multiple digital channels, but before you even begin selecting accounts, make sure the following are in place:

Access to In-Market Data: By using in-market data (or intent data), B2B marketers achieve the closest thing to being omniscient; it’s the most powerful predictor of which target accounts are in-market or consuming information on third-party sites that’s relevant to your (or your competitors’) services. This data then indicates interest or purchase intent, and which accounts should be the priority.

Method of Account Scoring: How do you determine which asset or message to show accounts next? Or how do you know their current position within the funnel? Without this information, the original ABM strategy goes out the window. Account scoring, sometimes called account engagement scoring, is a way to assign value to customer interaction and rank the level of engagement. It’s completely customizable, but the goal remains the same: aggregate all engagement info to have the ability to see what organizations have done across digital channels.

What We Mean By “Real” Account-Based Marketing

As one of the leading account-based marketing agencies in the US, The ABM Agency works with your internal team to create an ABM campaign tailored to your specific needs. To fill in where you need help the most, to advise in the areas of our expertise.

Every B2B company is unique; our goal is to provide a highly personalized level of service that seamlessly integrates into your current structure.

Pick and choose the services you need, or invest in a full-service ABM—from strategy to reporting.

1. Strategy

ABM for B2B companies starts with a well-thought-out strategy. At The ABM Agency, we create an ABM strategy with 5 stages:

Define all personas in the buying committee Map buyer journey from awareness through evaluation Collaborate on developing the most appropriate assets for each journey Unify messaging across all platforms and channels Track accounts as they engage with the campaign in order to push them down the funnel

2. Assets

Personalized content and creative are the keys to account-based marketing. You need hyper-focused assets for every account, on every platform, at every stage of the sales funnel to drive a higher ROI. This individualized experience engages and pushes target accounts down the funnel. From e-books to podcasts, white papers, and webinars, our createatives go above and beyond to meet your content needs.

3. Channels

ABM is only effective if your target accounts actually see the content created just for them. Our account-based marketing agency utilizes content marketing, programmatic, PPC, SEO, and paid social channels to expertly deliver personalized experiences at every stage of the funnel.

Content Marketing
Paid Social

4. Integration

With The ABM Agency, there are no hurdles in new ABM efforts syncing with customer systems. Choose the option of our user-friendly reporting platform or we can integrate our system with your native platform. Either way, we take data from Point A (a data warehouse) to Point B (reporting tools) while keeping everyone on your team connected and all efforts automated.

5. Reporting

Reporting is a feature of the marketing and sales strategy that can make or break your campaign. Without reliable data on a platform that fits your team’s needs, making informed ABM decisions and pushing accounts down the funnel become nearly impossible.

Our unique reporting methods help B2B companies see through messy analytics data and identify an account’s progress through the sales funnel—all while providing clear visual and quantitative dashboards for the involved parties (sales, marketing, the C-suite).

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